Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today She Learned About All Shapes & Sizes of Babywearing

It's International Babywearing Week and Tales of the Wife is doing a Babywearing Photo Fest! What a great way to show how babywearing works for everyone!

We have several different baby carriers that we use with our daughter. Each one has it's own benefits depending on the situation.

The Moby is my lifesaver for traveling. We've traveled extensively with our daughter in her first 6 months and I don't know how anyone handles traveling with babies without a carrier! The Moby was great for breezing through the airport with both hands free. I never even had to take my daughter our of the Moby for airport security. I can't imagine wrestling an umbrella stroller through the airport WITH luggage, etc. This is us at the US Open (golf) when she was 2 1/2 months old. It was a cold, long day, but she stayed snuggled up in the Moby all day long.

Next up in my "collection" is the Ergo. This is my husband's carrier of choice favorite (of course - it looks like a backpack!). I didn't use the Ergo as much when our daughter was tiny - I found the others to be easier. However, now that she is getting bigger I appreciate the support of the Ergo for when I will be wearing her for a longer period of time.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Maya Wrap. This is definitely the most frequently used carrier. It's fantastic for quick trips into the store and, as such, it is my go-to carrier. It was great when my daughter was tiny. I could secure her up close to me and she would fall asleep. Now that she is bigger, I can scoot her around to my hip and she can look around. I don't have a picture of it, but I am the choir director at my church and every Sunday at the end of church my husband (who watches her for most of the service) has to go teach Sunday School, so I pop her into the Maya Wrap for the last 15-20 minutes of church while I direct the choir!

I would encourage every parent to try babywearing, not only for the convenience of having your hands free, but also for the closeness that you feel to your baby.

Happy International Babywearing Week!